As if Nashville needed any assistance with the massive influx of tourism and millennial flocking to move to what, in my opinion, is the coolest city on the planet, Nashville was recently the largest city in the zone of totality for the solar eclipse. A few months ago, I wrote about the numerous parties that Nashville threw for the eclipse, and now I am going to share my experience at Mayor Megan Barry’s Solar Eclipse Party.
As I’ve mentioned in several posts before, Nashville is always up for throwing a party. We were warned to be prepared for gridlock traffic, increased crime, and a massive influx of tourists. Thankfully, Nashville knows how to host large crowds, and we did not experience anything of the sort. We didn’t even encounter any traffic that was out of the ordinary!

My parents and I took off work for the day, and we pulled my siblings out of school for the occasion. We did our research and decided to attend Megan Barry’s Solar Eclipse Party and the Sounds game afterwards. We arrived around 10:30 AM and enjoyed lectures from NASA scientists and an astronomy-themed playlist as we anxiously awaited totality.

If you’ve never attended a Nashville Sounds game, the new stadium is beautiful

, and includes one of the best views of the Nashville skyline.

Enormous amounts of media were at the stadium, and news helicopters frequently circled the crowds as we learned about numerous projects that the NASA scientists were working on. The crowd’s enthusiasm was really what enhanced our overall experience of the eclipse. Everyone was cheering and having a great time. Many people even made matching shirts for the event.

As totality approached, more and more clouds started to roll in, and the sun became obstructed 7 minutes before totality. We were anxious that we would miss the entire eclipse. Right as totality hit, the entire city went dark, and we saw nothing. The cloud’s density was too thick for us to even see a sliver of the eclipse! Just as we started to get discouraged, the clouds shifted, and the entire crowd cheered. We could see the eclipse through the clouds, and it is to this day the most beautiful work of nature that I’ve ever seen.

Finally, between a break in the clouds, we were truly able to experience totality. We caught glimpses of constellations, Mars, and Venus, but the most breathtaking view for me was the Sun’s outer corona.

It was the fastest two minutes of my life, and before we knew it, we saw the famous diamond ring effect and it was time to put our eclipse glasses back on. Even a month later, I still am in disbelief by what I saw and what we experienced, and I may have officially become an eclipse chaser.
Where did you see the Great American Eclipse? Do you think you’d be interested in traveling to see another eclipse after experiencing this most recent one? Let me know in the comments!
Danielle Guy