Our Walking tour of copenhagen

It may come as a surprise, but I have dreamed of visiting Copenhagen since I was 9 years old. Something about the combination of the history, Tivoli Gardens, the charm of the city, and its close proximity to Lego Land must have appealed to me as a small child. Fortunately, the Danes did not let my childhood dreams down. Matt and I fell in love with Copenhagen as soon as we stepped foot off the plane.  We were exhausted from over 16 hours of traveling (and 26 hours for myself- I had an extra flight to Houston to meet Matt before our transatlantic flight).
As soon as we checked into our hotel, we raced (well- I dragged Matt) to the metro and were in the city center within a matter of minutes. Speaking as someone that doesn’t normally use public transit, Copenhagen’s public transportation system is very easy to use. I guess I must have instinctively known where Nyhavn (pronounced New Houn) was, because we immediately wandered into the neighborhood that houses the iconic colorful buildings that Copenhagen is famous for.
It was picturesque and captivating. There were so many people enjoying the warm weather with their families, street musicians playing, the smell of food in the air. We had found our nirvana. (And I found the perfect place to christen my brand new wide angle lens)

Though they say you’re supposed to eat hot dogs in Copenhagen, we were hoping to try something a little more traditional and a little less American. We wandered the streets for about 20 minutes before choosing an outside table at Restaurant Hyttefadet, named after an old fisherman’s device. We ordered blindly (we actually became pretty big fans of telling the waitress to bring their two favorite traditional dishes during this trip), and were extremely satisfied. Matt ended up with the fish and chips, I got the salmon.

After dinner, we wandered through the city for a few hours and continued to fall in love with it until we let ourselves head back to our hotel and get some sleep. A few of the highlights of our evening included a trip to Tivoli gardens and photographing some of the most beautiful streets and buildings I’ve ever seen in my life.

Visiting Tivoli Gardens was especially important to me because of it’s connection to Disney. Tivoli Gardens is the 2nd oldest amusement park in the world, and is home to the oldest roller coaster in the world. It was also what inspired Walt Disney to build Disneyland. (Anyone that knows me knows that I love my Disney)

Poor Matt had to practically drag me back to the Metro Station so that we could go to sleep. I was entirely enchanted by Copenhagen, and I easily would have stayed out all night wandering the streets and taking pictures (not to mention the fact that it’s May and the sun doesn’t set until 10:30 PM). We were grateful for three full days in our new favorite city.
Is anybody else as enchanted with Copenhagen as I am? What in particular made you fall in love with this Baltic port city? Any suggestions for my next trip?
Danielle Guy