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cities to help you and your gals Celebrate your big day in a big way

Engaged? Congratulations! It feels like everyone around me (myself included) has recently gotten engaged, and is looking for a unique way to celebrate their bachelorette party.

If you fall into this category, or are a maid of honor/bridesmaid scrambling to plan that big weekend getaway for the bridal party, have no fear! While procrastinating planning my own wedding, I’ve taken it upon myself to compile the complete guide to bachelorette party weekends.

For the Party girl:

These cities will offer a weekend you’ll never remember with friends you’ll never forget.


I stand with many of my fellow Nashvillians when we express distaste for the thousands of “woo” girls that flock to Nashville each weekend. But I sill say this: it is a great city to spend a weekend. As the 2nd most popular city in the US to host a bachelorette party, I know I am not alone in saying this.

Enjoy hot chicken, live music, and a honkey tonk vibe on lower Broadway. Most of the bars don’t charge cover, and there are great restaurants and bars to enjoy. Unfortunately, hotels/AirBNB’s are going to set you back a bit, so plan to spend around $500 for the weekend on a place to stay.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Always a classic, Las Vegas is the setting for every bachelor/bachelorette party movie in human history. Las Vegas offers everything a group looking to party could ask for. Enjoy a show, dine at some of the finest restaurants in the country, gamble, and drink cocktails at the clubs. The options are endless.

New Orleans

New Orleans

While I am not the biggest fan of New Orleans, I seem to be an outlier in this statement. Bourbon Street is the perfect place to drink to your heart’s content, and Louisianians know how to celebrate. Famous for its Mardi Gras celebration and Cajun food, New Orleans will set the perfect scene for your bachelorette party.

Be sure you plan ahead, as hotels can get pricey, and New Orleans is not always the safest city at night. Like all other cities, be sure you keep your wits about you and are aware of your surroundings and you should be fine.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City

Another city often featured on television, Atlantic City is a great place for gambling and celebrating. The options aren’t as endless as they are in Vegas, but you’ll have similar opportunities to see a show, eat great food, gamble, and hit the clubs.

For the spa getaway:

For the bride looking for a relaxing weekend of pampering and plucking.

Sedona, Arizona:

Sedona Arizona

I cannot think of a more perfect destination for the bride looking for a weekend to relax and unwind. Sedona is one of the most popular cities for destination spas. Located in the heart of the dessert, Sedona offers dry and beautiful sights everywhere you look.

Located just outside of Phoenix, Sedona is a short distance from 3 national forests and Grand Canyon National Park. While you’re here, take a day to see some of the natural wonders around you.

Carmel, California:

Carmel California

Carmel offers beautiful hiking trails, luxurious spas, shopping, and breathtaking views that all bachelorettes are sure to enjoy. For the art geek, Carmel is home to many musicians, writers, and artists. There are plenty of opportunities to channel your artistic side in Carmel when you aren’t hitting the spa.

Austin, Texas:

Austin, Texas

Tourism to Austin is on the rise, and their spa scene is nothing to disappoint. Enjoy Tex-Mex food, the warm Texas climate, and scenic hiking trails. A haven for millennial tourists, Austin boasts a wide variety of bars and live music. Some even argue that it’s just as cool as Nashville (although I seriously doubt that- I may be biased though).

Napa Valley, california:

Napa Valley

Located in Northern California, this wine capital is home to some pretty amazing spas. When you’re not exfoliating, enjoy the opportunity to taste some of the wine produced in this region. Napa is one of the most beautiful regions of the United States, so don’t miss the opportunity to take a look around and enjoy the scenery.  Your bachelorette party will be unforgettable should you choose to visit Napa Valley!

For the adventurer:

For the bride looking for a rush of adrenaline before she walks down the aisle.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming:

Jackson Hole

If you’re trying to get outdoors, Jackson Hole is the place to be. Enjoy winter sports like skiing during winter months, and kayaking and hiking in the summer. The mountains of Jackson Hole are simply breathtaking, and will set the perfect scene for your bachelorette party.

Hawaii- the big island


As one of the more popular honeymoon destinations, Hawaii offers some of the most incredible and beautiful adventures in the world. Though travel there will set you back financially, if you can afford it, I highly recommend making the trip if you have time for a week long trip. Plus: Southwest Airlines is going to start flying to Hawaii soon, so travel may get more affordable.

Hike through volcanoes, botanical gardens, and waterfalls. Hit the water and enjoy snorkeling, surfing, and kayaking. Feeling especially adventurous? Rent a helicopter for the day to really see every last corner of the big island. Your bachelorette party will certainly be a trip to remember.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier Park

If Instagram-worthy is criteria when selecting a destination, this is your go-to place. Glacier National park offers gorgeous mountains, crystal blue lakes, and icebergs that you can hike past. Referred to as the Crown of the Continent, Glacier is the perfect destination for the bride wanting an adventure-filled bachelorette party. Though there aren’t many attractions in the surrounding area, the views and hiking in the park offer more than enough entertainment to fill your weekend.

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