Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with a Rodan and Fields consultant. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Whether it’s a short 1 hour flight, or a series of long haul red eyes, I simply love flying. Through the years, I’ve perfected my travel routine, and have mastered the art of packing a carry on and gaining access to those airport lounges to pass the time. One reason that so many people are timid to travel internationally is because international flights are exhausting! Between the layovers, the several hours of breathing recycled air, and the being confined to a small space for the better part of a day, it’s easy to dismiss the entire idea of traveling abroad. Not to mention lack of access to a proper shower can easily make even the most experienced of globe trotters feel disgusting. That’s why I partnered with Tori with Rodan and Fields to share how I stay refreshed and take care of my skin on those long haul flights.

I am quite the minimalist when it comes to skincare. I have never really dealt with acne, and many skin products actually tend to be the cause of my breakouts. For this reason, I spent YEARS avoiding all skincare products as a whole- until my friend Tori, an independent consultant, introduced me to the wonders of Rodan and Fields. She made it so easy to jump on board with these products, and knew exactly which ones would be best for me.

On my recent transatlantic flight to Barcelona, I was fully prepared for a 36-48 hour day. My flight from New York left at 8 PM, and I was scheduled to land in Barcelona at 9 AM (Barcelona time). Not to mention, I had a full day scheduled and was not going to have time to catch up on sleep. With such a long day planned in such a beautiful place, I am always concerned about looking tired for pictures. Even one night of sleep deprivation tends to give me circles under my eyes! To prevent this and stay refreshed, I came prepared and brought my Rodan and Fields skincare products, and I am going to share this skincare routine with you here today.

My #1 piece of advice to anyone that wants to minimize the yucky feeling that long haul flights can create is to stay hydrated and make your personal hygiene a priority! As soon as I finish eating the first in flight meal, I always make a point to go to the bathroom, remove my makeup, brush my teeth, and moisturize! Because the recycled air in flight is not humidified, you can become severely dehydrated if you do not make hydrating your body and skin a priority. There is nothing worse than starting your vacation feeling drained and dry. Here is my skincare routine that I use that is so easy, you can do it on an airplane!

Step 1: Daily Cleansing Mask

This product gently exfoliates your skin while cleansing and moisturizing your face. This is the first skin cleanser that hasn’t caused my face to breakout! I let the mask dry on my face for about 2 minutes before rinsing it off. This mask leaves me feeling refreshed and clean, without leaving any kind of residue that many other masks do. After the first time I used this mask, I could feel a clear difference in my skin, and I loved that there were no fragrances added.

Step 2: Night Renewing Serum

This is another product that you can use daily after washing your face and applying the daily cleansing mask. I simply apply this product all over my face (avoiding my eyes), and the blend of peptides and retinol helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores. This product leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and enhances a natural glow.

Step 3: Lip Renewing Serum

This blend of peptides and antioxidants helps reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles and helps moisturize your lips (which is so important on those long haul flights when you’re prone to dehydration. Nobody wants to land in your exotic destination with cracked lips!) I love the lip serum because I don’t feel like I need to constantly reapply it like chapstick. This product locks in moisture and leaves your lips looking rejuvenated and glossy.

Step 4: Multi-Function Eye Cream

Created by dermatologists, this product  is clinically proven to decrease the prevalence of crow’s feet, puffiness, and dark circles under your eyes. I love this eye cream because it is fragrance free, and hydrates your skin without any irritation. This product is exactly what every traveler needs to feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you are trekking through several time zones, and is a great, easy to use, everyday product.

Curious to try it for yourself? You are not alone! The REDEFINE line is the #1 anti-aging brand in the United States, and Rodan and Fields is the #1 skincare brand in North America! What I love so much about these products is how personally you can work with one of their consultants. I was able to tell Tori exactly what sort of products I was looking for, and she knew exactly what to recommend.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to check out all of the products that Rodan and Fields offers and chat with Tori about the products that would work best for you. You will not regret it, and your skin will thank you for years to come! Not to mention, for a limited time, click here to receive travel sized products when you purchase hydration and the full REDEFINE regimen. This is exactly what every traveler or aspiring traveler needs to add to their carry on!
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Do you have a specific travel skincare routine or have you had your own success with Rodan and Fields? Tell me about your experience in the comments!