Berkshire Mountains

5 Affordable Fall Getaways for the Outdoorsy Traveler

Affordable Weekend Fall GetawaysWell it’s official- summer is over and fall is here. Most people tend to get sad at the end of the summer season, with vacation season ending. Luckily for you, the fall season tends to be more affordable for budget travelers, and offers the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful works of nature in the world as the leaves change. Here are my top 5 fall getaways that will allow you to spend time with nature on your weekend away.

1. Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada

I know what you’re thinking- you’re starting this list of  ‘affordable’ fall getaways with an international destination?! Hear me out- flights to Calgary are consistently cheaper than flying to a US city that’s even closer. Furthermore, the outdoor scenery that Banff national park provides allows for a great deal of hiking and quality time with your family as you enjoy the fall foliage. Calgary is so much more than Banff, which makes it a great spot for travelers of all types.


2. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Whether you’re just escaping with your spouse, or you’re bringing the whole family along, Gatlinburg has something to offer anyone on a budget. Rent a cabin and enjoy the gorgeous Smokey Mountains for one of hte most beautiful long weekend fall getaways. If you tire of spending time in the great outdoors, fill your time by visiting Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for the adventure seekers that get bored simply hiking.


3. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

This beautiful, historic town is one of the most iconic towns in America and is a must see this fall. Wander through the streets as you marvel at the colorful architecture. Splurge and make a reservation at one of the many restaurants that foodies rave over. Take a stroll through the College of Charleston campus and a day trip for to beach. Depending on your proximity, you can drive or fly to Charleston for relatively little money, leaving you extra spending money to enjoy the area.


4. Newport, Oregon

Newport, Oregon

Whether you’re a beach babe, an adventure seeker, or someone that just enjoys to travel for an original experience, Newport has something to offer you. Most popular for its outdoor activities, Newport features beautiful hiking trails, beaches, and lighthouses. This city even offers a world-class aquarium that is worth the visit. This fall getaway spot is very under the radar for the east coast. Watch for discount flights to save extra cash!


5. Berkshire Mountains, Massachusetts

Berkshire Mountains

The views offered here are incomparable to anywhere in the country, and will offer southerners a taste of that fall weather that the south is yet to experience. The Berkshires offer campgrounds, beautiful hotels, orchards, and wineries that offer a travel experience unlike any other. Furthermore, this area offers a significant amount of art and music festivals to keep you entertained when the sun goes down.


Whichever city you choose to vacation in, what’s most important is that you enjoy your time away with friends and family. Where do you enjoy vacationing during the fall months? Have any secret cities that you escape to in the fall? Share your fall getaway experiences with me in the comments.


Danielle Farideh Guy